Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving knits

I was so happy that my little man was happy to wear his Thanksgiving sweater vest! There is nothing quite like seeing your creations on your little ones.

Things have been busy over here at Made By Lora. Even though quiet on the blog.. I have been crafting away for the Holidays. I have so much to share, but seeing that all my recipients are readers of the blog.. I have to keep the images for a later date.

I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and on a slight bed rest to help keep baby Nolan from coming too early. Cold days. Slow days. Crafting days.

More to come... But here are some pics of little man on Thanksgiving and at the Christmas parade.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh how I tried to get him to let me take a picture of him while standing, looking at me, and showing off his new vest... that did not happen ;-) Too busy!

Mommy and Huddy walking to the Christmas parade (against doctor's request for me to stay home and rest..oops!). I finally made something for myself! This hat was pretty easy to knit. I did all the knitting while my husband got Little Man ready for bed. It is super comfy and I just love it. Huddy's hat and scarf was to fulfill a "mommy I want a purple hat and a pink scarf!" request from my guy.
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