Thursday, June 17, 2010

Landon's Turning 2 Tee

My friend, Cindy, emailed me and asked if I would make her 2 year-old-to-be a jungle themed tee for his birthday. She has the cutest idea: she gets a shirt for each year with the number that he is turning and then plans to give them to him when he is older. I really thought an elephant would be a cute thing for a tee and this is what I came up with it. An elephant with a party hat.

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I had the hardest time finding a shirt I liked. I originally started with a white tee, but my husband thought it looked a little too W.T. So I was on a search for a cute shirt to place an elephant head with a birthday cap on. Then I found a cute tee, but with a design on it.. oh well, I can cover that. Here is what the tee looked like originally.

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I can't wait to share pics of when he wears it this weekend!

If you would like a custom shirt for your little one, please send me a comment here or a request on my etsy site: Made by Lora on Etsy.

Happy Birthday Landon!

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  1. oh lora, its great!! and elephants are his fave. see you tomorrow!