Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School

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All of the sudden, summer is nearing an end and everyone is chatting about Back To School. Carpool's are being set, school supplies bought, and thoughts of transitioning to a new rhythm are entering. A part of me is ready for this shift and a part of me is sad to see another summer pass.

Tonight at dinner my boys were talking about school starting and it dawned on me just how sad I anticipate my 2 year old to be. Their conversation went like this:

Nolan: "Huddy, I will really miss you when you go to school."
Hudson: "Do you want me to make you something every day?"
Nolan: " Yes, I want you to make me a bracelet, that will be very nice. Thanks!"

A sweet conversation with their sweet little voices and tears started to swell up in my and Adrian's eyes. The sweetness and love between these two makes me so happy that they have one another.

As these days slip by I am reminded to love each day of summer as it is still here. There is no need to talk so much about the impending change that is heading near.

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