Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Major Crafting

So sorry I have been MIA. I have been knee deep in a mound of crafting projects. No time to blog some times.

What have I been up to?

Last Sunday I co-hosted a Blessing for my sister in law. It was absolutely gorgeous. You can read all about it at my baby site: Baby Horvath Blog

I knew that I wanted to do a lot of crafting for my sister in law and the baby. I started with knitting a sweater, then to sewing a dress, then added some bloomers for the dress.
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I wasn't satisfied with just those items. So I decided to knit some pants and sew a little shirt.
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Then I had a great idea to try my hand at making baby pants.. and why not add a onesie with a felted bird embroidered to it??? Can you say that I was slightly excited for these projects??? I love me some crafting ;-)
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I also have always wanted to make a banner, but have never had the time to make one. Plus they always seemed to scare me a bit. It was rather easy and super cute. I can't wait to make one for Huddy's room one day! Or birthday party.. 2 is just around the corner!!! I took scraps of fabric and made medium sized triangles. Then I sewed the triangles to ribbon. Once all the triangles were sewn, I embroidered the words "bebe" to the middle fabric. and Voila! a banner for baby!
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Once finished with my crafting, ahem, 2am before the shower date! I realized I had no wrapping paper in the house. I thought long and hard on how to make the box presentable.. knowing I would not have the time to get the paper in the morning. I ended up taking some of my son's craft paper and wrapping the gift. Then I took some tissue paper and made a flower (glued it on), some felt for the stem and sun, and some feather's.. just because. Then a little extra touch of glue and glittered "bebe" written on the package.. and Voila! a wrapped package!
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So you see, between working on these items and a sweater order from my Etsy Store.. I have been a tad busy. BUT, that is really no excuse. I apologize to my readers and friends. I vow to do a better job to keep your interest perked!


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  1. Ok, that cardigan, dress and bloomer set is THE cutest thing i have ever seen!! Can we get some of those on your Etsy site!? I'll buy them all!