Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Waldorf in the Home: Two sticks

12 days! 12 days! For 12 days my sons and I have been plagued by this horrible flu that is going around. The doctor's think that we were actually plagued with two different flu virus strands. Now, I tell you, this was HORRIBLE! I feel like I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with my two little ones trailing ever so slowly behind me.

Before we were plagued, we had a gorgeous warm February day. We always seem to get a few of those. Just to wet our appetites for Spring.On this particular warm day Hudson and I headed outside during Nolan's nap. We didn't really have anything in mind for what we would do, but it all started with:

2 sticks!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hudson found the two sticks. We first started digging in the dirt with them. Then I threw mine up in the air. Then. Before I knew it, we were knee deep in some of the best imaginery play that I have ever experienced. We ran through the streets. We were hunters. We would hunt for wild animals with our spears. We would launch them down the street. We would look for the animal. We would put the animal on our backs and carry them to the.....

Where there was a mote and we had to protect princess Naya (of course) from the evil dragon. Then our two sticks were swords. We practiced being knights. We had very choreographed sword fights. We then had to put our animal in the stew where we used our two sticks to stir the very big pot because we were having a feast tonight.  Then we lowered the bridge to go out into the forest, where we....

Down the street we rowed. In unison. I seemed to always lead the canoe. Wait! There's a fish.. quick get it. We need it for our dinner. We docked our canoe over to the sidewalk forest and gathered more sticks. We started a fire, put our fish on the sticks, and then ate our very yummy dinner.  

Our two sticks were:
- magnifying glasses
- the were used to get fruit from the trees
- they drew maps in the dirt so we could find our way
- they were used as spears, swords...

you name it. We were playing it. 

We ran freely through the streets in this wonderful game of imaginary play. It felt AWESOME to let my adult brain join my 4 year old in a complete game of imaginary.One of the neighbor kids came over and even asked me "are you weird?"

The instant Adrian walked into the door from work, Hudson went into full detail about what we did with these two sticks. I knew he fully enjoyed this time with me. 

Living fully. Deeply. In the life of my very special little man.

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