Monday, January 28, 2013

Birthday Crown

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My youngest turned 2 a few weeks ago. We were traveling to Hawaii so an Aloha crown was in order :)

To my Nolly: A poem written about his 2 years
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Awakening to the light of the sun, my dear boy,
You have traveled this world two full times around the great big sun.
Your passion, your warmth, your caring heart, your ability to make all fun.
Your mama's heart full with each smile on your face,
For your arms growing bigger each day to close your embrace.
Grateful my life is, blessed each day,
Thank you Nolan for sharing your life with us in your own special way. 

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The sun set on your magical day.
Two years completed with it's last shining ray.
A kiss on the head, 
Good night sweet boy as we lay you to bed.
For we welcome your next year with love so true,
For you are our blessing,
Your brother and you.

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