Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Putting myself out **THERE**

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Today I was talking to a mom and she said " I would love to have your confidence and ability to put myself out there." We were talking about my recent media presentation. I chuckled a bit, because she has no idea how I lack in confidence in this department.

Last week I geared up for a Media Presentation. It comes as no huge shocker that I am not keen on any media for children (especially young children). Last year I presented my class project on the topic and my teacher said I needed to "take it to the masses." I gave a smile, that uncomfortable chuckle, and thought to myself "Hell No!"

You see. I don't have a ton of confidence to put myself out there. I just really, Really, REALLY, think people need to have more information on this topic. I really think that our media culture is moving WAY too fast for adults, let alone children. So, I chant to myself:

"You Can Do It!"
"You Can Do It!" 
"You Can Do It!"

And last week I did do it. I arrived at a local preschool where I set up my materials, looked at an audience of parents and even grand parents. And then.. I wondered to myself... "What am I doing here?" It's funny that I sometimes don't see myself as a successful woman in her 30's (ahem! I did run a very successful wedding planning business in San Francisco), but I see myself as my 16 year old self. Not worthy of presenting to people. But, then it dawns on me, these people are hear because they TOO really care to hear about the Effects of Screen Media and Children.

Then... I can breathe.. and start to speak. And once I start to speak.. it rolls.. like a child rolling down a big grassy hill. It rolls! and I find myself in my element. I find myself confident and excited. My passion for children, Waldorf, life.. it can be seen through my words and I enter into my being and I greet it with a warm embrace. 

My presentation was a success. A good balance of science, stats and personal experiences. I was so happy to open this email from one of the parents: 

"Hi Lora,
You did such a wonderful job on your talk! First of all, and perhaps most importantly, the content is so important and well thought out. Your delivery was very well done with a great mix of anecdote as well as scientific references. Your message touched me deeply and reinforces some of the choices I have made about screens and refocuses me on areas I could do much better at (those iphones are terrible!). Anyway I just wanted to share my support of what you are doing. It is a difficult message to give because it makes all of us parents question the choices we are making and highlights where we are falling short and that can make people defensive. Good for you, it is a message that must be heard and awareness must be brought to this.
Thank you!"
And that.. makes it all worth it! Excited to bring the presentation to more schools. 
If you have a school that you think would benefit from a Media Presentation, please email me at: madebylora@gmail.com

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