Wednesday, February 12, 2014

His Heart

This week is all about hearts and love! I don't even like Valentine's day, but I find myself a little too excited about hearts and stuff. Maybe it's all those Valentine's we've been making, but more than likely it's all those pins on Pinterest. 

Thinking of such wonderful hearts... my sweet boy has one of the biggest. Hudson has always been very open with his heart and his need and want to share his love with others. He thinks up wonderful gifts for his friends, he holds relationships very dear, and he has a great connection with his grandparents (and even great grandparents). My mother in law gave him this hat after her mother passed away. This was Great Grandma Betty's hat and my mother in law thought Hudson would like to have it. Hudson holds this hat as such a treasure and each morning he "gears up" for school and asks "Where's my grandma Betty hat?" I know that grandma Betty holds a special place in his heart and he feels her presence every day he puts this hat on.
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This boy of mine is such a gem to be a parent of. He is both courageous and daring, yet loving and soft. He is strong and athletic, yet gentle and calm. He is your typical boy, yet not your typical boy. I love how he cares so much for other people. One example is that it's been a huge adjustment for him since I have cut out gluten. The other day, after we had been baking, he asked me to try what we were making. I told him that I couldn't try it because it had flour in it. I wasn't really thinking that would effect him and within seconds he had tears running down his face. He sobbed while telling me he was so sad that I wasn't able to have any of the treats we make. He told me that he would take care of me and that he and his daddy would make me gluten free cookies soon.  Those moments, I just cherish him.

Hug your little ones and love their hearts! They are such joys. 

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