Sunday, April 11, 2010

I never Thought...

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I never thought for one second I would be so excited about a new mattress.. until.. we bought these amazing mattresses at Earthsake today. You have to check out their site or their store.. it's heavenly. Website: Earthsake.

2 weeks to wait, but it's so worth it.

We walked out with:

- A twin mattress for Huddy because we are going to make up his toddler bed and get him off the floor. A queen size mattress for us. Bunnies not included. A little info: The Tranquility cotton innerspring mattress is eco-friendly - covered with layers of 100% pure natural cotton (unbleached and undyed) tufted to natural cotton ticking and cover. Our natural "Green" cotton (which unlike most cotton is never bleached or dyed) is the secret ingredient in this mattress, which is handcrafted for healthy sleep.This is our budget, non-toxic, natural & eco-friendly mattress not only made in the USA but made right here in California so our carbon footprint is extremely small compared to most mattress dealers selling mattresses made in China and other places all over the world. Unfortunately, our mattress is not certified Organic, but we were not really hung up on that.
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-Then we decided on some wool pillows. Just pure organic wool inside that comes from local farms in Sonoma County, California
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I am very excited. I try to have an Organic/Natural diet, use chemical free body products and use cleaning products to keep my family free of chemicals. This was naturally our next step. I am so excited!

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