Sunday, August 1, 2010

Many Many projects


Around this time of year I get the "crafting" itch. It's a real problem at times because I can have many, MANY projects going on all at once. Not only going on, but a will and desire to have them all finished YESTERDAY!

a) I am pregnant (tired)
b) I have a 2 year old (tired)

So, I am pushing myself. Not hard to motivate, just hard to find the time.

Right now, I have a few projects on my plate:

I am:

- currently working on a raglan sweater for my little man. I love knit sweaters. I love that we are going to live in a place that requires many wooly goodies. I started making this great sweater last week when I noticed I was using the WRONG yarn for the white. I grabbed a ball of white yarn out of my knitting (in use) project bag and just started going to town. There was one point (early in the knitting process) that I thought to myself (hmmm.. there wasn't very much yarn in this ball!) Well that would be because you are using the wrong ball! UGH! So the project was halted because I had to order a new ball of yarn.. I know.. long story.. but I was peeved. Crafting Peeves. HAHA! My life of stresses ;-)
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- currently planning my great curtain assembly. I have the fabric. I am ready. These are mostly for decorative purposes because the window is so big and we have great blinds.
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- currently making a dress. I hate maternity clothes and wanted to make a dress for my upcoming trip to New York. I don't know if it will turn out because a pregnant 20 week body, is no regular body. It's looking good though, but it's going to need some nipping and tucking (the dress. not my body)
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- currently searching the internet for great fall decorating and crafting ideas. and making my handmade christmas list. and finding things to make for the baby. Slightly crazy!
And my husband just came into the office and said "WHAT? You're not sewing!!!!" Well we got home late from dinner and I just had to blog about my craft craziness.

Coming soon. A finished gift for my dear friend Alyssa's baby, Bryce! I can't wait to share!

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