Friday, January 27, 2012

No Shampoo Challenge

Are you on Pinterest? Pinterest is like a dream come true for me. As I have many ideas floating around in my head, I usually lose track of the things I want to try or need to do. Pinterest is such a guilty little pleasure for me. And there is an app for my phone, so I can sneak some "pinning" here and there.

The first thing I started "following" on pinterest was all the DIY stuff out there. If you know me, you know I am a freak for DIY. Oh I love it. I love the challenge, I love the fulfillment, I love the movement. I have long wanted to make all my household supplies. I love using every day products that are not harmful to myself or children, in things like cleaners, detergents, AND now, shampoo.

I have been reading a ton about people opting out of using shampoo and conditioner: you can see blogs that detail it out here, here, and here. Let's face it. This stuff seems a little silly at times. You buy 2 containers of product and really is it doing much for you?

It isn't working for me. I moved to a small town a couple of years ago and left the big city full of amazing hair colorist and stylist. Now, after many attempts, I did find someone that could actually do a good highlight, but along the journey I found many people who had no idea how to highlight hair. That left me with having many stylist trying to "fix" their mistakes and ultimately damaging my hair to no end. So when I would go to the next stylist and tell her of my horrible journey, she would list out the many products that I "needed" to fix the damage.

Alas, a lot of money later my hair is still damaged and dry.

I spent $48 on this:
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I spent $30 on this tiny bottle:
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In an attempt to try and help my now damaged hair, I decided to try and let my hair fix itself. I found the website Simple Mom through Pinterest and she gave a great tutorial on how to go "poo" free.
This is what I needed:

Baking Soda and water for shampooing:
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photo from Simple Mom

Apple Cider Vinegar for conditioning.
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photo from Simple Mom
and Coconut Oil on days that my hair is really dry
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I am currently still using conditioner because I have a ton left. As soon as I am done with that I will go with the vinegar and coconut oil.

I have thick hair. It's curly. It's sometimes a big mess of a mane to care for. I was reluctant to start this home remedy because I really didn't think it would work. BUT it is working. This morning I woke up to my hair not feeling dry. I didn't use pomade to try and control out of control damaged hair and it is shiny (but not too shiny).

Can it be? Can this really be the answer to my hair woes?

Tell me if you try it. I will post a picture on an actual day I don't pull my hair back.

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