Saturday, December 8, 2012

Story Telling

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 {photo courtesy of the Siskiyou School}
Friday evening, the Siskiyou school hosted Nancy Mellon to give a lecture on storytelling. I have never been a big story teller, but have always enjoyed listening to others. I was so happy to hear her speak on the importance of stories with young children and with one another. With the crazy that surrounds us with technology, it's nice to root yourself into the ground, let your mind find a story, and tell it.

We were able to do exercises during this lecture. It was fascinating to watch myself take on the roll as the timid child who was so afraid to share at first. My heart started to race, I got nervous, and then I started to speak. I found myself, at first, afraid to speak, in fear that I would sound foolish, but then I realized I was surrounded by such beautiful people, then I breathed, exhaled... and told my story.

These workshops are really great for me. I walk away with such a new internal confidence. I leave there feeling like a better parent and ready to add more depth into the very layers that we have open in our lives. I leave there feeling even more rooted in Waldorf Education and wondering where this journey is taking me. It's been fascinating and rewarding beyond words and comprehension.

This morning, the boys and I sat for an hour just telling stories. One on each side of me. Their eyes filled with joy, happiness, and wonder. There excitement for me to share with them these words, to see them find their own images, to hear them say "just one more, please mama." Stories that I hope stick with them and they carry on in their lives. Stories that will make them feel safe and warm. Stories full of love.

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