Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding my way back

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Just like with anything, there are times when we just need a break. I needed that break. I needed to escape from the online world for a bit, gather my thoughts and decide if I wanted to continue with my "need" for sharing things about my life. At times I find myself wondering how much I really want to share with readers about how we live our lives. Then there are other times, when I feel so overly compelled to share. 

It's my nature to be a "sharer." 

I am looking forward to bringing more things to this blog space. A sharing of my continued journey into Waldorf education, my shifting and enlightening moments of child rearing, and much more. I am also going to be guest blogging over at Fertile Foods and hope that you will join me over there. 

As I near my next birthday (this Saturday), I am finding such an excitement surrounding these endeavors as I have made another trip around the sun. 

“A healthy social life arises when the whole community finds its reflection in the mirror of person’s soul, and when the virtue of each person lives in the whole community.” -Rudolf Steiner

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