Monday, September 1, 2014

Under The Maple Tree

In two days my son will enter into first grade. It's been a summer of anticipation as I am gearing up to letting him go even more. I love my precious time with my little boy and those days are getting shorter and shorter. I can't express enough how excited I am about his new journey into his Waldorf school. Here's to new beginnings. 

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Sit with me my son under this big maple tree, 
For soon you will walk for all eyes to see. 
Sit with me once more and hold my hand,
For soon you will walk, into the world of new beginnings you shall land. 
Your name will be called and you'll let go of my hand, you'll stand so proud and you'll walk away.
For this , my son, is your very own special day. 
Sit with me my son, under this big maple tree. 
Your body so big but still so small to me. 
Your big smile, your big heart is setting out on your way. 
For this, my son, is your own very special day. 
A moment for me to let you go. 
 A new adventure for only you to know. 
Your sweet face turning from baby to boy. 
For all those days I've been filled with joy. 
Adventures in learning through hand, heart and head. 
A kiss on your hand before you are led. 
Sit with me my son under this big maple tree. 
Hold my hand a little bit longer, your beauty and childhood wonder I see. 
Sit with me my son for soon you will go. 
The time has come, your name has been said, for these are the moments for you to grow. 
You walk away on this day. Hand in hand with your peers. 
But know that once the day is done, I will be there to hold you near. 
Your hand in mine, my warm embrace, to welcome you. 
To walk with you hand in hand after your day, 
My heart will be full to hear all you have to say.

- Written by me, Lora Horvath, to describe my son's entry into his first year at a Waldorf school.

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