Thursday, June 20, 2013

Talking Gay Marriage with my son.

Today my 5 year old asked me about his friend who has two momma's

H: "Mommy, why does he have two mommy's"
Me: "Because that's his family."
H: "Are his mommy's married?"
Me: " Not yet, but hopefully soon."
H: "Well if they love one another and they love their son, then why aren't they married like you and daddy?"
Me: "I know honey, it's complicated, but we are working on that."
H: "Well I think they will be married soon. They are such good mommy's."

I can't help but have this song stuck in my head all day. A huge fan of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I am so happy that this song graces the screens and radio. It's time to Rise Up! Equality for All.

I am so happy that I am able to raise my children with such tolerance.  They will grow up in a house and surrounded by individuals that don't preach hate and that welcome all races and support the love and rights of all individuals. I grew up in Middle America. Always kind of the black sheep, I never understood how someone could hate another based on the color of their skin or their preference of whom to love. I remember days when I was in junior high and I watched the Ku Klux Klan walk past my school. How could that even be a part of our world? I grew up hearing words of hate towards gay men and women. Aren't we a population of people who all deserve the right to love whomever? Who am I to tell someone who they can spend their lives with.  The first time I visited San Francisco as an adult was the day of the Pride Parade. I was so excited to be a part of this. To feel that the prejudice that I grew up around was not surrounding me. I loved the free feeling I had that day!

I love being part of a time that I hope for great changes. I am excited for the hope of my friends being able to legally marry. I am excited that my boys will learn from me that love is a feeling, that they are not to judge.  I am happy that I had the courage to not listen to my surroundings and felt with my inner self to decide what love meant. That everyone deserves the right to love without scrutiny and prejudice.

I am happy to have a son that sees this too.

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