Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's not always easy...

This past weekend Adrian was away. A quick trip to Portland, I was performing my single mom duties. It's not usually that different than my typical week, except that H sleeps with me and the boys are in bed a whole lot earlier (thank you early nightfall!)

However, this week was not.. let's say.. restful. For some reason N decided that he no longer wanted to sleep and woke up every 2 hours!!! This started on Thursday and has yet to end. Why??? I have no idea??? Teeth? Growth spurt? Afraid of the dark? Who knows.. I do know this.. I'm TIRED!

So, with our chilly, gray weather I was trying to figure out what to do on Saturday after nap. I thought long and hard and what I came up with was..

A trip to TARGET!!!
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Oh yea, I was gonna do it. I didn't need 1 thing from there, but I was sure it would have something for me to buy. Of course it would. And I am sure I NEEDED it. Whatever it was, I needed a trip to Target. A place to drive to. 40 minutes of not having to interact with children, because, honestly.. I was WAY too tired to interact. An hour or so in the store, looking at things after things after things... that's what we needed......Right? Then all that time there would get me to dinnertime, then bath time, then bed time... my day would be Done!

Oh, but wait! I am sure my kids have no desire to sit in the car for 40 minutes. I am sure they have no desire to spend an hour in a store. I am sure that walking aisle after aisle, that they too will have a NEED for something. WAIT!!!!! I can't just go to Target for NO APPARENT REASON!

So, what did I do? We went to the park. Quickly. I had to divert my energies away from my relentlessness Target need. I had to do. it. quickly. And we did.

And we had a blast. It was so nice. The sun was setting (under all those clouds). The leaves were perfect to play in. The kids were so happy. I had so much more energy. It was the perfect decision.

nature=1 --- corporation=0

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