Monday, October 22, 2012

Living Smaller

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As time has shifted, I am finding my need to be back in this space. I am realistic about my blog. There are times that it will "fit" with my family pace, and times that it needs to take a rest. Recently I have felt very inspired. I have felt rather connected with my surroundings, my community, my children, my husband, my family.

I feel such a great need for learning more and taking my crafts to new levels. I have recently enrolled in a Waldorf Early Education program where I hope to end with my Waldorf Certificate. I don't know if this path will lead me to being a teacher, or to a business dream that I have (which is remaining under wraps for now ;-) But it feels good, so good. To take my passions and desire for learning more to a whole new level.

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Through my reading of Waldorf education and meeting new individuals, I am feeling a profound connection to my children. I am watching them grow: Hudson now 4 1/2 and Nolan nearing age 2. I see their minds open and saturate with the beauty of this world, and of our very special town.
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Nolan is entering a world of knowing and understanding that his world is bigger than just us. To witness his eyes take in this world one day at a time. To welcome him to the kitchen with eager hands to help. To welcoming him to our daily tasks of house keeping and rhythm.

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His brain so eager for learning. Fulfilling himself with such beautiful friends and watching him grow into a kid from a toddler. He is full of energy and life. His words are beyond his years and his compassionate heart is always shining through. He continues his love for helping me and keeping on our daily rhythm. He thrives on such routines. He is fast as fast can be on his bike and makes my heart race with excitement and fear.

Our biggest shift in life has been our move to a much smaller place (1100 square feet lost to be exact). When we moved to this small town we were looking for a "house!" A somewhat grand house as we were leaving our tiny city condo. We wanted a yard, a garden, two floors (I always grew up thinking that people with two floors were somewhat better off than I). We wanted a house that was big. We wanted space. We wanted something beautiful.

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It was amazing when we first moved in. We had sooo much space. 4 bedrooms, lots of room to grow and lots of room to fill. It was easy when guests came to visit. It's what we thought we wanted.

Reality sunk in. Not only was the house out of our one income budget, but there was something about all that space! It was space that we had to fill. And we did fill it. We had books everywhere, we had toys, we had a lot of furniture, we had lots of dishes, we had lots of closet space and those closets were full, we had massive gardening supplies, we had... STUFF.. period!

I didn't really understand that I, as a person, feel very overwhelmed with "stuff." The ceilings were high in our old house. That made me feel a little overwhelmed, not cozy and warm. Since it was a big house, it took a lot to heat our place. We spent many a nights cold and wishing we were elsewhere. All that space meant I was cleaning, a lot. Which meant that I was generally stressed. And what really meant I was not spending my time with my kids.

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Fast forward two years. We are now living in town. We have a modest home. It is nothing special, except that we all feel much happier. I designate 1 day now to cleaning our whole house. It takes about an hour with the help of my eager helpers. We have a ton less stuff and we are working to making that even less.

It's pretty funny that a journey toward "simple child raising" has led to a need for us to be more simple in our own lives. I feel more full and feel such gratitude to my family for entering into this world with me.

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