Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reader Question: Halloween?

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Kathryn, who blogs over at Fertile Foods asked today "How do you handle Halloween? Simplicity Parenting Style??"

Thanks for the question Kathryn!

Halloween has always seemed like a joke to me, but I get that it's exciting for kids. Each year I make my kids costumes and show them the energy put into making it. I feel like it's giving us both some creative outlet to the Halloween crafting. Each year H has picked being a character in a book. That's been pretty fun to recreate!

(H 2010 Halloween Parade)
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(H and N 2011 Halloween Parade)
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My thoughts on the actual day. Do it SIMPLY! What an overwhelming day for young ones. It's a day that is based on sugar, dressing up, and adding an element of frightfulness. This year my sons preschool has noted that the kids can dress up for the day and that parents are to bring a "treat" to hand out to the kids. I was a little put off that there were going to be treats at school and then my child was also wanting to do trick or treating in our neighborhood.

H is very particular about "rhythm" He likes it when his day flows pretty smoothly and consistently. School is going well for him and I wasn't ready to have his day be "off." I kept going back and forth on whether I would send him dressed up and off to indulge in sweets! We (I'm not the only parent here) decided it best he stay home.

We are also having a small gathering at our house with family and close friends. We will be having some warm chili and the like.. can we say Pumpkin Beer??? Then my kiddos will go trick or treating at some of the neighbors houses. We have told Hudson that he can have 4 treats (a treat for each year he's been alive). Nolan can have 1.

Our town also holds a rather large Halloween parade. We went the last two years. It's "supposed" to be a children's parade, but let's just say.. it's not. I remember strolling Nolan around, in a mass of people, dressed up in scary masks and such, and thinking "what in the world is going through his head????" I felt that this kind of parade can wait until they are much older and are able to process these images. For now, I think friends and family, a small treat, and some warm food is just enough for our Simple Family Living ideals.

Good Luck!

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