Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Poem to Nolan

I love when I find old notebooks and such... when they hold such tiny treasures that speak volumes.

Last night I found a book with a poem to Nolan.  I wrote it in March of 2011.

To Nolan
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That cold day in January
a mama overdue.

I welcomed you my sweet son
into loving arms so true.

Your warm body in my arms
greeted with those eyes that were sure to charm.

Slow days at home, I watched you grow,
your smell. your sounds. your life I began to know.

My heart grew ever so full,
from first smiles, to giggles, to teeth and drool.

Your head on my shoulder, then to my chest, 
for mamas arms, lap, warmth, seem to comfort you the best.

So goodnight my sweet boy,
your life has brought me so much joy. 

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