Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinecone Elves: Tutorial

The days are cold and gray and we are spending a lot of time indoors. I have been "pinning" so many ideas of crafts with Hudson. This one was super cute and fun.

The next few weeks we plan on making many things for the holidays. Christmas cards, Elves, ornaments, wreaths, garland, etc. Hudson also has a boat making idea for all his friends. Yikes! Christmas isn't that far away I see. :)

Here are the cutie little elves:

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What you need:
*pinecones (around 2 inches high)
*wool felt
*pipe cleaner
*hot glue and gun
*2/4 in wooden craft bead
*needle and thread (optional)

This project definitely needs adult supervision for the hot glue.  Here is a complete list of directions: Martha Stewart How-To Pinecone Elves

How to include your child:
Hudson painted the ends of our pine cone with glitter. As he stated "everything is better if you add gliter"
Hudson then painted the rosy cheeks
I added the eyes with a black sharpie pen
Hudson would hold the pinecone when I went to hot glue something
Let your child pick out the colors. our elves have very colorful arms and legs ;-) 
We then added a stick for them to carry and glued a felt star to each. 
We did not sew their outfits, but glued them together. 

Post your pictures to the comments section! I can't wait to see!

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