Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breaking the Habit

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I don't have many habits, but one that has been reigning at the top for quick some time is my coffee habit. 

It could even be termed a ritual. I love going to get a coffee. Mostly I like lattes or mochas, or anything that I can't make at home. I enjoy seeing "my" people at Mix and Noble. I like a hot beverage in my hand.

One day it dawned to me that I even like going out for coffee when I don't even want a coffee. OR. even after I have just had coffee at home.

This little habit/ritual is quite expensive for my stay at home mom income. $4 a pop each day. It all adds up. And all that caffeine.. can't be good on my body, right? 

So this week I am in detox. It's not easy breaking a habit, but, truly it needs to be done. I am thinking one coffee outing a week. That should be fair to myself, right? 

We shall see. 

Do you have any silly habits you are trying to break? I'm not talking serious ones here ;-)

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