Monday, November 19, 2012

Winter Faire

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It is a very rare moment when you won't see me sporting my camera. I pretty much take it everywhere: the park, the mountains, the living room, you get my drift. My kids have learned  at a very young age to stop, say CHEESE!!!!, and then act "normal." I love capturing their lives. I love looking back and remembering all the amazing moments that I have had with them.

This past Saturday we went to the Winter Faire at the Siskiyou Waldorf school. It is this fantastic event that we attended last year. Last year: Baby in tow, a bouncy three year old barely able to stay in a room for more than 2 minutes. This year was very different. There were curious eyes, able bodies, moments of reflection. There was a mother and father breathing in all the beauty of this school and what they are doing for our community. There were teachers speaking of their wonderful experience at the school. There were displays of students work. Such beauty, such dedication, such appreciation. We want this for our children.

Adrian and I walked away with such a sense of fullness. Talking with teachers, talking with parents, talking with Directors.. they all embodied a certain happiness, an eternal happiness for Steiner and his teachings. They have such open smiles on their faces. They welcome you into their world and hope that you too will see what this lifestyle can bring you.

Waldorf Education and lifestyle has already brought us so much joy. As a mother of two young boys I laugh when people say "you must have your hands full." Such a negative comment in my eyes. I don't have them full, except for loving these two boys of mine and enjoying each moment as they pass.

So, no. I did not take my camera to this event. That's how much I cherish it. I wanted to soak in all it's beauty through my eyes and mind and not through the lens. I wanted to only remember it in my mind. I wanted to watch their eyes fill with wonder and delight as they met the winter fairy. I watched their stillness as they had their faces painted. Their able hands dip strings into beeswax. Their curious minds watching the woodworkers drill holes into their candle holders.

Being Present! One of the best gifts we give our children.

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