Monday, November 12, 2012


In our busy lives of fast cars, fast phones, fast internet speeds, fast everything.. it's hard to just put all those things on silent and sit and wonder. To turn off the phone, to turn off the computer, to refuse to let the outside world in and sit deeply in your own mind. gazing. daydreaming. wondering. For just a second, two, three, maybe more.. you let yourself out of this hurried world and enter into a life of simplicity and carefree.

As the days are turning colder, we have found ourselves inside more. Summer, with it's beauty of heat and the ability to sit for hours outside, also warrants busy days. Bike riding, park dates, swimming. Our lives are full in such a different way. Today, we find our new ways of tending to our day.

Today H gave me the most wonderful moment. A moment. Captured in my memory. Pure beauty. Pure innocence. Pure wonder. After our cleaning day had commenced he welcomed me to relax on the sofa. He asked for some "Huddy/Mama cuddle time" (N was napping). I jumped at the opportunity, grabbed our blanket, cuddled him in my arm and gazed outside. The blinds open. The sky gray, cold. The wind blowing fast. The last leaves gripping hard to the tree, holding on for just a few days longer. We watched. We talked. We asked each other questions.

"mama, do you think that leaf there will fall soon"
"I don't know, do you think it will fall.. now?"
"how about now?"

"mama, the sky is kind of scary, but not scary like I'm scared, but like scary like gray."

30 minutes of watching this leaf. 30 minutes of uninterrupted life. 30 minutes of.. wonder.

Our lives can be busy, they can lead us to miss these moments. These moments when our children show us just how beautiful the world is. One leaf at a time. One gray sky. A morning I awoke without ambition to welcome the cold days. It turned out to end with me feeling so lucky to have these precious moments with my son. His eyes so bright and beautiful into this world.

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