Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday's Rhythm

If there is one thing I have certainly learned from my children, it's that rhythm is of utmost importance for the young child. That feeling of security and knowing what the day is thought to bring gives children a chance to relax with the feeling of certainty.

This doesn't come easy to me. I am a busy person. Not really "busy" per se in that I have massive things to do, but that I like to be going. I like socializing, I like being "out", I start to feel cramped in my house if I am in here too much. That isn't how my children are. They enjoy the simplicity of a day. They don't like driving around. They don't like being "busy." So, I've adjusted this about myself.

We have a weekly rhythm that we stick to pretty well.

Monday is: Cleaning day.
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Both my children are included in cleaning of the house. I find it important, as a housewife/meal cooker/kid taker care ofer/ etc to show my two young boys that they too live in our house, and they too will help me in keeping it nice. We live in a small house, so the instant we stop putting things away, is the instant it starts to feel cramped.

Each person has a job to do.

Hudson cleans the windows, sweeps the hardwoods, and dusts all counters.
Nolan mops the floors, helps put toys away, and puts the dishes away.
I do the other stuff.

We all three separate the laundry and they put them in piles to whom they belong to.

It's a great system. H has come so accustomed to it that he now wakes up and says "it's cleaning day!" It's amazing how excited they get for this day. They enjoy being a part of keeping our house tidy. They like seeing that they contributed to our house.

For they live here too. It shouldn't be just my job and it gives them such a feeling of accomplishment.

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